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       Balkan Physical Union organized 6-th International Conference this year (August 22-26, 2006). One of the oldest University of Istanbul opened its lecture-hall for BPU6.

       Bulgarian physicists took part in leadership of BPU6. Academician A. G. Petrov, professor A. Antonov, professor I. Lalov, Leander Litov, T. Mishonov, and Ana Proykova were invited speakers of the conference. Members of International Advisory Committee were Bulgarian physicists academician M. Mateev and academician S. Panchev. Bulgarian members of the Scientific Programme Committee were DSc Dimitar Stojanov and DSc Nikolaj Tonchev. Members of the International Organizing Committee from Bulgaria were Ani Minkova and coresponding member Yordan Stamenov.

       Bulgarian participants (scientists, students and university lecturers) were joined in all nineteen field of BPU6. We exhibit two reports of young Bulgarian physicists, participated in BPU6.

S. Yazadjiev "Generating Dipole Black Rings in 5D Einstein-Maxwell Gravity".

I. Zh. Stefanov "Charged Black Holes Coupled to Non-linear Electrodymanics in Scalar-Tensor Theories of Gravity with Massive Scalar Field".


The night of the scientists
Sofia University, Faculty of Physics
22 September 2006

       Eighteen European Union Competition for Young Scientists was carried out in Stockholm, Sweden from 23 to 28 September 2006. Young people from Europa, Japan, USA, Indian, and Canada took part in the competition.

       Talanted Bulgarian Young Scientist Georgi Georgiev Dyankov (Age 18) from "Academician L. Chakalov" School in Sofia wined Third Prize in field physics with his project A method of measurement of refractive indices, birefringence and thickness of a thin anisopotropic layer.

       His Director of studies was Andrey Angelow, Research Fellow from Laboratory "Optics and Spectroscopy" at the Institute of Solid State Physics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.


       Symposium "Dissemination and Development of Physics and Mathematics in Bulgaria" was hold in October 16-17, 2006. Union of the Physicists in Bulgaria was one of the Organising Institutions. 110 Anniversary of academician George Nadjakov gave occasion for this history of physics event. Twenty three reports were presented and 8 posters were exhibited in the Institute of Solid State Physics hall 300 and in the Big hall of Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

University Physics in Plovdiv
01.11.2006, 0:41.

Contributions of Plovdiv
13.11.2006, 0:56.

Discovering achievements
31.10.2006, 0:48.

Electrometrical Methods
10.11.2006, 0:59.

Nadjakov - Builder
02.11.2006, 0:51.

A Trip with Nadjakov
10.11.2006, 0:50.

Bulgarian Discoveries
09.11.2006, 0:42.

Asteroids with Bulgarian names
09.11.2006, 0:51.

Egypt Mathematics
07.11.2006, 0:24.

       Little known facts about famost physicists on the sholders of which we are standing on were reported in the science session of the Symposium. Stemmint and spreading of the Stochastics, traditions in the training of physics teachers, University crissis (1907) and the lessons we can take in Bulgaria were mentioned.

Little known facts
09.11.2006, 0:48.

Training of the teachers
08.11.2006, 0:56.

08.11.2006, 1:04.

University crisis
09.11.2006, 0:51.

The scholders
13.11.2006, 1:02.

31.10.2006, 1:15.

Spas Vatsov
31.10.2006, 1:04.

Nicola Bonev
31.10.2006, 0:53.

A Day with Nadjakov
13.11.2006, 0:33.

Emil Dzhakov
31.10.2006, 1:15.

News for Bachmetjew
13.11.2006, 0:57.

Nitrogen Superconductors
08.11.2006, 0:50.

Theoretical Physics
09.11.2006, 0:42.

09.11.2006, 0:46.


       Professor Ivan Lalov informed Managing Committee of Union of the Physicists in Bulgaria (November 22, 2006) about festival "Physics on Stage 2", hold in Bulgaria. Supported by Sevlievo municipality, "Vasil Levsky" Secondary School, "Mara Belcheva" House and brilliant management of Rossitsa Konova from the Union of the Physicists in Bulgaria festival carried out in Sevlievo (November 11, 2006).

       Five hundred and thirty participants (130 teachers and 320 students) came in Sevlievo from all parts of our country. They worked in physics, biology, chemistry and geography. There were the next three lines: theatrical performans, computer animations, and real demonstrations. The British Council presented about special features of light.

       Unofficial classification was hold. Three theatrical productions were chosen to performe at the International Festival in Grenoble (April, 2007). Conclusion was made about considerable superiority of computer presentations above real experiments.


Union of the Physicists in Bulgaria

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