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Physics Club Physicist organised meeting devoted to 100th anniversary of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences on 1 February 2012 from 16:00 P.M. in the Great Hall of the Central Building of Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, 15 November str. ¹ 1, Sofia

Lecture by Dr. Boyko Rangelov on 10 February (Friday) 2012 at 17:00 in bookstore Ivan Evstatiev Geshov, 4 Serdika Street. Organizers are Club Physicist and corporate bookstore Academic Publishing House "Marin Drinov". Topic of the lecture is the participation in the national expedition in 2011 - 2012 Year of Livingston Island, Antarctica.

Dr. Stefan Balabanov received the award of the Georgi Nadjakov Institute of Solid State Physics for its overall activity and in relation to his 80 anniversary (Protocol ¹ 1/ 23 February 2012).

    Vasilka Steflekova, PhD student at the Institute of Solid State Physics, received the prise "For Women in Science" (2011). In the Atomic Spectroskopy lab. she worked on a new method for spectral analysis of archeological glass and ceramics materials. The ceremony was held on 2 February 2012. [http://video.bgnes.com/view/33352]


Prof. D.Sc. I. Lalov gives lecture "Sketches of the history of modern physics"
9 March (Friday) 2012 at 17:30, Conference Hall (4th floor, Building A) of the Faculty of Physics at the Sofia University, 5 James Bourchier Blvd. Organizers: Club Physicist, chaired by Prof. Dr. Stefan Balabanov and the Sofia branch of the Union of the Physicists in Bulgaria with President Prof. T. Mishonov


40th National Conference of Physics Education
(100 years X-ray analysis) Gabrovo, 5 – 8 April 2012
Organizing Committee
President Prof. D.Sc. I. Lalov
Vice Presidents: Prof. D.Sc. N. Balabanov, Prof. D.Sc. I. Uzunov, Dr. M. Gaydarova
Members: Dr E. Valcheva, Dr. V. Ivanov, Dr. I. Jordanova, Dr. L. Lazov, P. Lazarova, R. Konova, V. Hadjimitova, T. Ivanova, N. Dimitrova.
Secretary M. Dzhidzhova



    Sofia Science Festival 9-13 May 2012, Zaimov Park, Sofia.
Price: 4 Leva.

BAS ceremonial meeting in the Central Hall, 23 May 2012, 11 A.M.

Bulgarian Academy of Sciences gave "Marin Drinov" prize to Professor D.Sc. Troyo Troyev, Professor D.Sc. Nicolay Tonchev, Associate Professor Radomir Enikov and Badje to Professor D.Sc Alexander Popov, Professor Yanko Dimitriev (University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy), Associate Professor Dr. Stefan Balabanov, and Associate Professor Dr. Vasil Lovchinov.


    8 Balkan Physical Union General Conference 5 - 7 July 2012, Ovidius University of Constanta, Romania.


    4nd Bulgarian SCIENCE ON STAGE Festival
   President Professor Ana Georgieva
   26 – 28 October 2012

   "The national organizing committee consist of the Unions of the Physicists, Biologists, Chemists, the Ministry of education and science in Bulgaria and Manucipality of Sevlievo.
   Under the motto „Crossing borders in science teaching" the 8th European Science on Stage Festival will be held in Slubice / Frankfurt (Oder) (25-28 April 2013).

    „Innovative methods in physics and astronomy education in Bulgaria”
Seminar for teachers of physics and astronomy
   19 – 21 October 2012

    Sofia branch of the Union of Physicists in Bulgaria with the Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski ", RIO - Sofia-city, and the" St. Sedmochislenitsi-08 " support organized a seminar for teachers of physics and astronomy at Gyulechitsa. It is situated 85 km around Sofia. It is placed on the road between the village and tourist center Borovets Malyovitsa).

    Ttransport was provided by bus (or coach): Departure from Sofia at Friday, 19 October 2012, 15:00 from the main entrance of the Faculty of Physics, Building A, 1164 Sofia, 5 James Bourchier. Return from Gyulechitsa in Sunday, 21 October 2012, 16:00.

    Accommodation in University Scientific Base. Price for bed 17 leva; Price single room accommodation for 34 leva slightly better terms of comparable prices can be found in a nearby hotel restaurant Wild Fowls (Divite Petli) - Gyulechitsa. >/P>

    For individual inquiries and reservation: Tel: 071 25 22 50, GSM: 0887 24 04 96, å-mail


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